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Creating more impact, uniqueness with animations and moving graphics is now possible without using high-budget VFX.

If you want to obtain amazing results you need to rely on skilled professionals who are able to use softwares such as 3D Max, Cinema 4D, Maya, After Effect, and many more.

Every creative team has his/her own ideas, there are those who prefer the essentiality of the “pure” image without frills, with good photography and good content, and there are those who instead prefer sophisticated animations, animated movements, special” to make your product “eccentric” and unique.

A good video production company must have teams capable of producing creative videos and content rich in “special effects”.

Thirty Seconds Milano wants to guarantee its clients a professional result that exceeds expectations.

For this reason, we offer all the technical, creative and special assistance to obtain surprising results and meet clients’ needs who require captivating graphic content for their videos.

The approach to achieving a good level of 3D graphics and effects lies in knowing their uses and possible limitations well: such as perspectives, camera angles, colours, lights; in fact, during filming, the effects manager will be present from the beginning together with the director and director of photography.

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