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Thirty Seconds Milano is a point of reference in Milan and abroad.
We are a professional video production company with a team of skilled experts who work in the cinema and TV fields and brilliantly produce high-resolution videos with broadcast equipment.
What do you think is the best way to communicate than with a video?
It links the images to the text and it is the perfect combinations of elements to advertise your products, express the fundamental concepts of your brand, communicate an effective message that captures your target.
We can support you in this as we provide a wide range of audiovisual productions for companies and brands all over Italy.
Our commitment is to create something that catches the attention in a few seconds, as we are in the era of digital development. Our level of interest is low and for this reason video creativity is important to give understandable messages directly and quickly.


We produce your high-quality video and, above all, an advertising tool that works and remains etched in the mind of your target.

Our video production company is available in Milan and all over Italy and Europe. We are responsible for creating professional content such as: corporate videos, storytelling, product videos, branded video content and video tutorials, industrial videos and music videos, as well as 3D video mapping with maximum expressive capacity

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With great professionalism, we dedicate ourselves to all the stages of production that constitute the making of your video: from pre-production to post-production of the project. We oversee every step of the video concept phase: subject selection, scriptwriting, storyboard creation, careful casting choices, potential location selection, composition of original music, cinematography direction, and much more to ensure that the footage is unique and emotional.

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Thirty Seconds Milano is a video production company in Milan that uses only latest technologies, combined with great technical expertise and creativity. We have high quality video production technical equipment, which is the same used in big Cinema and TV productions, and above all it is specific for each requested service or project to be carried out.


We provide our customers with all the tools necessary to make any type of video you have chosen to emphasize the message even more and attract the attention of your target audience:


  • ARRI Alexa.
  • RED digital Camera professional with 4K and 6K definition.
  • Canon Cinema with cinema lenses.
  • Software with Maya, 3DS MAX, CINEMA 4D, AFTER EFFECTS, for flawless post-production and editing.
  • Customized 3D Motion Graphics video projects and respective formats can be conveyed on social media, web, TV and cinema.
  • Effective creative media strategies, to support you in the targeted choice of promotional actions that make the video even more known and appreciated.
  • Certified 4K aerial shots with patents, only with professional drones with interchangeable video lenses.
  • High-resolution audiovisual contents for corporate video brochures.

The latest technologies on the market for 4K underwater shooting.

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The goal of our agency is to touch the heart of your audience by producing a quality and customized video. We can also help you gain brand awareness by recommending and giving you the best that is on the audiovisual market.

Our creative directors, directors, authors and screenwriters channel their experiences and skills in order to achieve an impeccable production.

In Thirty Seconds – Video Production Company in Milan, our working vision is based on integrity, commitment, constant study of new techniques and effective methods of visual communication. Thanks to the cinematic storytelling we can reach high standards imposed by the market and our customers.

Our agency has a wide knowledge of the world of communication and of companies on the market. We put the know-how acquired with our twenty years of experience in these sectors into each project, providing you with a tailor-made, unique and artistic service, always respecting the set goal

One thing that we always tell our clients is that high-quality doesn’t have to be reserved only for Hollywood television and film productions, when you have talent and experience the results are evident and can be achieved with perseverance and competence.


It all starts from our imagination…

Our only limit is imagination… we make everything else happen.
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Thirty Seconds Milano: about uS

Our video production agency was founded 25 years ago in the cosmopolitan city of Milan. Since then, we have collaborated and continue to do so with prominent names and productions. With passion, we have always dedicated ourselves to the creation of renowned and prestigious events and video productions in the worlds of TV, music, and major corporate brands.

Many experts in executive production, artists, and directors of a certain caliber have chosen our professionalism and creativity: Zucchero Fornaciari, Emma Marone, Marco Mengoni, Caparezza, J-Ax, Tony Adley, and more. The experience and skills we have developed over time allow us to offer our clients excellent and comprehensive service, with the highest technical and artistic quality.

In our diverse video production portfolio, we have also collaborated with other giants of the Italian and international business world, including Samsung Italy, CEIA Spa, Savills, Nintendo, General Electric, and Electronic Arts. These are just a few examples of the excellence among our most loyal clients. It is precisely our illustrious and ongoing collaborations that ensure high-level video production services for both new and loyal clients every day.


A good video production company, as we are, is never made up of just a small group of people with the same skills, competences and experience gained.

We believe that you should choose professional films and videoclips to promote your company or carry out a project and we can help you in your choice.

If you choose to rely on Thirty Seconds Milano, you will obtain a project realized by the cohesion of several sector skills applied in the most correct and customized way according to your needs.

The video production work is much more versatile and is treated to the last detail. We think this work is perfect because it allows us to choose from a wide range of productions, such as: TV spots, corporate videos, manual videos, technical videos, interviews, video testimonials, and much more.

A proper video production requires a deep one-the-job training and specific studies.

The preparation of specialized technicians and skilled workers, including artists and actors allows us to always deliver a high-quality film or video both in artistic but above all technical terms.


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