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Corporate Events Organization in Milan


Corporate events in Milan offer numerous opportunities and advantages for businesses. Milan is an international and cosmopolitan city, equipped with a wide range of facilities and services dedicated to event planning. From conferences and seminars to team building and corporate parties, Milan provides a variety of event types to suit the needs of any company. The numerous successes achieved with corporate events in Milan testify to the effectiveness of this choice. Companies have noted an increase in visibility, improved relationships with customers and employees, and a boost in networking opportunities. Corporate events in Milan represent an opportunity to do business in a stimulating and professional environment, while promoting the company’s image and strengthening its reputation.
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Thirty Seconds Milano event agency is a leader in the field of event organization in Milan. With years of experience and professionalism, we are able to offer customized solutions for every type of event. Our expert team manages every detail, from planning to logistics, ensuring flawless execution. We work closely with clients to understand their needs and objectives, ensuring excellent results at every organized event.



We organize tailored meetings and conferences in Milan offering numerous benefits for the success of your event. Our conference-management service allows you to rely on experienced professionals who will handle every phase of the organization, from planning to execution. You can count on us to coordinate every aspect, ensuring that everything is perfectly synchronized. Our approach starts from the initial concept and concludes with the event delivery, offering you a complete range of dedicated services. Choosing to work with us for your meetings and conferences in Milan means making the perfect choice for achieving maximum success.


Historic villas represent the epitome of exclusivity for luxury private events in Milan. These opulent historic homes offer a unique and classy atmosphere, with fascinating interiors and well-maintained gardens, creating a charming backdrop for any type of event. The historic villas are characterized by refined architectural details and excellent finishes, perfectly matching the luxury and elegance of high-end private events. Choosing a historic villa as the venue for a private event means offering your guests a breathtaking and unforgettable experience, immersing them in a unique atmosphere and ensuring a truly exclusive ambiance.

To make these events even more exclusive, we have selected exceptional artists from the music scene. These are artists who perform exclusively for a few close friends, giving moments of pure magic and emotion. With their extraordinary skill and talent, these artists create the perfect atmosphere for a unique and refined evening. Their private performances are an opportunity to enjoy personalized and high-quality musical performances, making your event even more special.

To ensure a unique gastronomic experience, our luxury private events in historic villas in Milan offer Michelin-starred catering. We have selected internationally renowned chefs who will be at your disposal to create extraordinary and refined dishes, prepared with high-quality ingredients. Each dish will be a culinary work of art, presented with elegance and care. You will enjoy gourmet delicacies, both from traditional Italian cuisine and international cuisines. Our Michelin-starred catering will offer you a true multisensory experience, with refined flavors that will satisfy even the most demanding palates. We guarantee impeccable service and complete customization of the menu, to make your private event a unique and unforgettable experience.


From traditional corporate events to international conventions, we are here to help you plan and organize a successful event that exceeds every expectation. We have in our portfolio important locations of large sizes, up to more reserved ones. Our experience and attention to detail ensure that your event is impeccable in every phase, from concept to production.

With our consolidated experience in organizing traditional corporate events, we are ready to also face the challenge of organizing successful international conventions. Our team of expert professionals knows how to manage all organizational aspects of an event of such magnitude, from sourcing the most authoritative international speakers to managing guest bookings from all over the world.

We collaborate with the best congress and hotel facilities, ensuring cutting-edge locations and high-quality services. Our attention to detail and technical organization of meetings ensure maximum communication effectiveness and the success of your international convention. Choosing to rely on us, you can focus completely on the content of the event, while we take care of every logistical and operational aspect to ensure a successful convention that will leave a lasting impression on participants. Contact us today and let us transform your international convention into a memorable event.


Corporate anniversaries are important for several reasons. First, they represent a milestone that marks the progress and success of a company over the years. These milestones can be an opportunity to evaluate the results achieved, the challenges overcome, and the lessons learned over time. Moreover, corporate anniversaries offer the chance to celebrate and thank the employees, who are an integral part of the company’s success. Involving employees in this celebration can increase their sense of belonging and motivation. Finally, corporate anniversaries are an opportunity to strengthen the brand and create a positive image in the minds of customers and the external public. Showing the duration and stability of the company can instill confidence and reliability in the brand, contributing to its reputation and growth. Strengthening the value of the brand through corporate anniversaries.
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Bring your brand to life with a promotional event that captures the attention of your audience and generates buzz around your business. From product demos to experiential marketing activities, we offer creative and innovative solutions to promote your brand in a memorable way. Promotional events play a fundamental role in the context of marketing and communication. In Milan, a dynamic city rich in opportunities, the realization of promotional events takes on even greater importance. These events offer brands the opportunity to present their products or services in a unique and engaging way, creating a memorable experience for participants. Additionally, promotional events allow reaching a wide audience, generating interest and curiosity around the brand. This type of initiative allows companies to consolidate their image, increase visibility, and stimulate the interest of the target audience. In a competitive context like Milan, the realization of well-organized and carefully curated promotional events represents a winning strategy to differentiate oneself and gain a competitive advantage in the market.


Opening events of large national and international brands represent a moment of great importance for companies, both in terms of visibility and engagement with the public. During these events, the new product, service, or retail outlet of the company is unveiled to the world, creating anticipation and curiosity among potential customers. The main goal of such events is to create an engaging and memorable experience, allowing participants to perceive the brand as a unique and quality reality. Through careful planning and organization, national and international brands manage to convey their distinctive message to the public and generate interest around their brand.

These occasions are characterized by great attention to detail and the presence of celebrities and prominent figures in the business world. During these events, national brands present their new collections, services, or initiatives to the public, taking advantage of the opportunity to create enthusiasm around their brand. The creation and production of these events require a strategic approach and meticulous care in the selection of locations, design of setups, and management of the customer experience. Moreover, the organization of Opening events in Milan represents a unique challenge, considering the importance the city holds in the fashion and design sector.

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Certainly, the most impactful content for your event: engaging and memorable a 3D projection event. Unique in its kind, with an unmatched emotional and aesthetic impact, the video mapping events created tailor-made based on the theme of the event are undoubtedly the most used solution to create great interest and involvement. Video mapping is an innovative technique that allows transforming two-dimensional surfaces into a stunning visual spectacle. Through the use of projectors and advanced software, it is possible to project images, animations, and videos on large surfaces like buildings, monuments, or stage sets, creating a three-dimensional effect that engages and excites the audience. This form of digital art is becoming increasingly popular in events and theatrical productions, thanks to its ability to transform spaces and create evocative atmospheres. An introduction to video mapping is essential to fully understand its potential and applications in the field of events and entertainment.
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A video mapping event on large surfaces is certainly the most effective choice to create an unprecedented emotional and aesthetic impact. Thanks to 3D projections, the experience becomes engaging and unforgettable for the audience. The contents created tailor-made based on the theme of the event guarantee high interest and involvement by the spectators. Accurate mapping of the surface and the use of advanced technical and logistical variants are essential to achieve high-quality results. Moreover, if three-dimensional effects and creative morphing are used, the production process can require months of work. This phase requires technical and artistic skills to design accurate projection on a large surface. The creative director and the sound designer work closely together to realize the mapping, taking into account the dimensions and characteristics of the surface. Every corner, every roughness, and every detail are taken into consideration to ensure a perfectly aligned and consistent projection. This process may require months of work, but it is essential to obtain breathtaking results that will leave the audience ecstatic and involved in the event.



From conception to realization, we work closely with you to create a tailor-made event that reflects your company, your values, and the goals you want to achieve with the event. Our team of experts will ensure that every detail is carefully managed and that the event is designed to leave a lasting impression. When you choose to work with Thirty Seconds Milano, you choose to collaborate with industry leaders dedicated to the success of your company. Our team of experts consists of professionals with extensive experience in organizing corporate and corporate events, committed to offering you personalized and high-quality solutions that exceed every expectation. We are here to transform your vision into reality and help you achieve your business goals.


The choice of location plays a fundamental role in the success of any event. From picturesque farms in the countryside to historic villas in art cities, we select the most suitable locations to add a touch of uniqueness to your event. We work with a wide network of partners to ensure that the chosen location meets your needs and perfectly fits the theme and atmosphere of the event.


Delight your guests with tailor-made catering that celebrates local and seasonal cuisine. We collaborate with experienced chefs and reliable suppliers to offer an unforgettable culinary experience that satisfies the most demanding palates. From informal buffets to gala dinners, our team will ensure that it is prepared with care and presented with elegance.


Lighting, audio, and video are essential elements for creating an engaging and memorable atmosphere during the event. We work with industry professionals to ensure that every technical aspect of the event is managed with expertise and attention to detail. From lights that create the perfect atmosphere to video projections that transform the space, our team will ensure that each element contributes to creating an extraordinary experience for your guests.


From live music by great artists to artistic performances: we offer a wide range of entertainment options to enrich the experience of your guests. We collaborate with national talents and internationally renowned artists to offer shows that surprise and entertain. Whether it's a band playing live during a cocktail or an interactive theatrical performance during dinner, our team will ensure that the entertainment is up to the event.


Over the years, we have acquired an exclusive portfolio of unique locations for your events, otherwise, we search among the myriad of contacts accumulated over the years for the perfect location across the Italian territory to transform your event into an extraordinary experience.

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From musicians to dancers, we bring art and entertainment to the heart of your event. Everything choreographed by skilled artists from the world of shows and major events.


We offer a professional welcome service to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of your guests. Each Hostess is rigorously selected by our casting office, verifying not only the languages spoken and written but also the experience and class to be presented to your guests.

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We capture the most significant moments of your event with high-quality video productions. Each of our video productions is made with the sole objective of thrilling your audience. Our equipment is the same used in cinematographic productions. The video will remain the real connection with your event, for all those who could not be there and to share again a unique moment afterward.

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One of the key elements for the success of a corporate or corporate event is the creation of an engaging and memorable experience for the participants. Corporate and corporate videos play a fundamental role in this process, capturing the audience's attention and conveying the company's message clearly and convincingly. With Thirty Seconds Milano, you can count on those who know how to create high-quality videos that enhance your brand and create a lasting impact.


Corporate videos play an essential role in organizing successful corporate events. From teaser trailers to aftermovies, these videos not only entertain and inform the audience but can also generate expectations, engage participants, and promote your brand effectively. With Thirty Seconds Milano, you can count on a high-quality video production that captures the essence of your event and conveys the company's message clearly and convincibly.


  • Creative Concept: Our creative team will work closely with you to develop a unique and engaging concept for your corporate video, reflecting your vision and your goals.
  • Professional Filming: We use state-of-the-art filming equipment and a team of expert professionals to ensure high- quality filming that captures the audience's attention and enhances your company.
  • Editing and Post-production: Our team of professional editors will transform your footage into an impeccable corporate video, using attractive visual effects, graphics, and an engaging soundtrack to maximize the impact of your message.
  • Distribution and Promotion: Once the video is completed, we can assist you in its distribution and promotion through the most effective online and offline channels, ensuring that it reaches the right audience and maximizes its impact.

Don't miss the opportunity to create an unforgettable corporate event. Contact us today to start planning your next event and let our experience and creativity transform your vision into reality. We are here to support you at every stage of the process and ensure that your event is an extraordinary success that stands out in the corporate landscape.


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